Maputo Living Lab

The Maputo Living Lab (MLL) aims at applying the open innovation paradigm of Living Labs by involving the local community as a source for project ideas and as end-user group for the Living Lab's products.

Furthermore, being located in a developing region, MLL will have the goal of fostering local development by working as a start-up incubator to promote local entrepreneurship, helping the execution of innovative projects that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Mozambique.


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    Project Team

    • Adolfo Villafiorita ,
      Program Management
    • Marco Battisti ,
      Project Management
    • Valerio Joao ,
      Teaching and Supervision
    • Aaron Ciaghi ,
      Teaching and Supervision
    • Pietro Molini ,
      Teaching and Supervision
    • Eduardo Ali ,
      Connections with Industry
    • Mohammad Tasin Sidi ,
      Connections with Industry