BringTheFood at Tutti nello stesso piatto 2013

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FOOD SAVERS (ESSENSRETTER) is the story of people who are fighting for a different approach to one of life’s essentials. Farmers, supermarket executives, cooks, design students and completely average households, each one is at a different point in the supply, production and consumption chain. What they all share is the desire to bring about a new appreciation of food, replacing the one that, bit by bit, has been lost in recent years.

At the end of the projection Adolfo Villafiorita, head of ICT4G group, will present the application BringTheFood.

When: thuesday 19th: 9.30 pm
Organizer: Altromercato
Partners: Amnesty International MuSe SlowFood Trentino Opera Universitaria di Trento
Location: Muse – Trento