Past Collaborators

Francesca Longo
Francesca completed her MSc at FBK in 2006 and have been collaborating with the ICT4G research group since then.
Ali Al-Shammari
Ali Al-Shammari is Computer Engineer born on October 1980 at Karbala-Iraq Hold Bsc. degree from college of engineering - Baghdad University (2002) and Master degree in computer networks from Iraqi Commission for Computers & Informatics (2005).
Birhanu Eshete
Birhanu Mekuria received his BSc in 2003 and MSc in 2007 ( with a thesis "Context Information Refinement for Pervasive Medical Systems" ) in Computer Science from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He worked as a Software Developer and Instructor before joining the ICT4G group at FBK-IRST in August 2009. Currently, he is working on ICT4G initiatives with emphasis on security vulnerability analysis and attack detection for web applications and web browsers.
Ilse Grau
Ilse Grau graduated in Software Engineering at Catholic University of Asuncion, Paraguay. She has worked in the Telecommunication sector for several years. She is currently undertaking doctoral research at the University of Trento, Italy, in collaboration with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in the area of ICT4G.
Lorenzo Rigato
Andrea Nodari
He is a Computer Science student at the University of Trento, and currently he is working on his bachelor thesis with the title: "Transforming trash into gems: a machine learning approach to improve domestic waste". He is working as a web developer and junior researcher in the ICT4G group collaborating in various projects, in particular his work focuses on developing ruby on rails applications to find new ways of using technology to foster economic and social development.
Roberto Zen
Andrea Bontempelli
Giulia Petronella
Giulia got her BSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis on a educational project about promoting environmentalism in schools.
Riccardo Marconcini
Martino Secchi
Currently a BSc student at the University of Trento (Information and Business Organization Engineering), Martino spent one year in 2008 as an exchange student in Germany.
Laura Scuccato
Laura did her BSc with us, spending a few months in a Brazilian cooperative and coming out with a set of proposal to make the organization more efficient.
Komminist Weldemariam
Komminist did his PhD and his PostDoc in the group, contributing to various areas, including BringTheFood.
Kamrul Hassan
Kamrul did his MSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis about collaborative planning tools.
Rashedul Hasan
Rashedul did his MSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis about Vaccination Reminder Systems in Bangladesh.
Andrea Dalla Valle
Andrea did his MSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis analyzing the maintainability of Italian Laws using Object Oriented metrics.
Andrea Mattioli
Andrea spent various years in the group, contributing greatly to the shift to the ICT4G domain
Riccardo Minati
Riccardo took his BSc work with us and graduated discussing a thesis about food waste.
Michele Fogarolli
Michele took hi BSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis about CRATO (Collaborative Risk Assessment Tool)
Valentino Sartori
Valentino did his MSc with us and graduated discussing a thesis analyzing efficiency and productivity of open source project teams.
Iniobong Thomas
Iniobong did his Master in e-Government with us
Andrea Zambelli
Andrea did his BSc with us, analyzing interactions is a social network used to organize the activities of a team.
Gaia Trecarichi
Gaia obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento in 2010 and worked in EU and local funded projects focusing her research interests in knowledge representation, interaction modeling, user studies, and the design and development of mobile applications. In 2013 she joined the FBK research center where she is involved in the design and development of web and mobile services.
Giulio Michelon
Michele Bof
Davide Da Rech
Michele Efisio Argiolas
Student in Information and Business Engineering at the University of Trento.