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About a third of the food produced in the world goes straight to landfills, without being consumed. In Italy alone it is estimated a waste of about 4 million tonnes per year for an economic value of more than EUR 8 billion. The data is contained in a report of the Ministry, which at the same time points out that the real waste is probably even higher than that estimated.

The ICT4G group develops and tests solutions for several years to reduce food waste and to promote a more & ugrave; equitable distribution of food. This page shows some of the initiatives on which we are able to provide technological and methodological support:

  • BringTheFood & egrave; the application that we are experiencing with the [Food Bank Foundation] ( and ReteSolida (ACLI Padova). The application simplifies and facilitates the food donation, for a pi & ugrave access; fair and pi & u; right

  • Zero at School is the initiative in collaboration with some of the Vallagarina schools to reduce waste in canteens. The technical infrastructure allows the service provider to publish the menu in Internet and to measure the amount & agrave; of prepared portions and do not consume portions. User engagement allows modular portions according to the real needs, the amount & agrave; Excess may be ducted for the donation and, however, the information may be used to reduce waste. A demo of the application is available at ZeroSpreco.

  • OraDona is an app that allows you to record the type and amount of food collected during a food collection, developed within the project Colletta AlimentareĀ® in Oratorio promoted by MIPAAF, the Food Bank Foundation NGO and LaFabbrica.

  • GasAPP favors purchases KM0 and bio products from selected manufacturers. GASAPP removes all the burden of management without detracting from the value of the initiative and the satisfaction of a fair trade group.

  • QuantoSpreco & egrave; the application that we are experiencing to reduce household waste.

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