Our group has a multi-year experience in education and training both in developed and developing countries. Here are listed our most relevand training actions:

  • Summer Schools of ICTs: held yearly in Maputo (Mozambique) between 2011 and 2013, the Summer School of ICTs (SSICT) aimed at training university level students in computer science with the know-how necessary to plan and develop projects relevant for improving the quality of life in the impoverished areas of the Mozambique. All in all, the SSICT had three main goals:
    • Build groups of motivated people that work on ICT4D projects at MLL addressing national issues.
    • Create agile teams that can start companies and find potential for reverse innovation, stimulating cooperation between the Education-Research-Innovation systems of Italy and Mozambique.
    • Build a reference practical course of ICT to enable local students to quickly develop internationally competitive and recognized skills.

    With these goals in mind, we developed a compressed syllabus to give 3rd and 4th year students a practical perspective on software projects. Such syllabus was focused on practical activities, agile software development and open discussion. This has been extremely innovative from the perspective of the attendees who are mainly used to theoretical and frontal teaching but at the same time it presents several challenges described in the subsequent sections.

  • Summer School of Ruby on Rails: in 2013, in parallel with the Summer School of ICTs, we held a four-weeks course on web development with Ruby on Rails in Maputo. The target students were last year Master students, PhD students, private and public companies' employees with solid experience in programming. The course was built around the development of a real project and the goals were similar to those of the other Summer Schools, with the plus of working with cutting-edge technology that is not part of the "standard" tools available in the country.

  • Ruby on Rails developers workshops: A series of one/two days workshops held in various cities of the Eastern Cape (South Africa) in 2014. These workshops were supported by a Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme. More info on the course website.

  • Ruby on Rails development workshop: A series of one/two days workshops held in various cities of the Eastern Cape (South Africa) in 2015. These workshops have been organized in the context of The App Factory project supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More info on the course website.

  • Ruby on Rails in High School: in 2016 we collaborate with Istituto Marie Curie in Pergine Valsugana to provide a semiannual course of Ruby on Rails development. Due to the little programming experience of the students, this course includes many concepts

  • Hour of Code: we often organise and host sessions of Hour of Code during public scientific dissemination events like The Researchers' Night. The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.

Along with the technical courses, we support student's growth with mentorship and grants.