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The project

This project, The App Factory, starts from the theoretical background and the practical experience that Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Rhodes University have in developing software for emerging markets. The project has the goal of sharing, consolidating, and improving current practices to build products for those markets, taking into account different constraints, such as time-to-market, value for users, and maintainability. The project is implemented through the exchange of experiences (of the partners and of the SMEs collaborating with the partners), training of students on the methodological aspects, and experimentation.

Expected Benefits

Increase competitiveness, market opportunities, tightened relationships among the partners, training of students on web-development frameworks and methodologies.



The training activities of this project will be based on the syllabus of the Summer School of Ruby on Rails we hosted at Maputo Living Lab in 2013 and of the workshops conducted in 2014 within the LRIT4AE project at Fort Hare University, ECITI East London and SNII Media Center in Port Elizabeth.

In October 2015 we conducted two 3-days workshops at ECITI (East London) and at the University of Fort Hare. The participants were ICT professionals, computer science students and teachers. The workshops were based on the development of a real project aimed at improving emergency response in South African peri-urban areas.

All the material produced for the workshops is released under Creative Commons Attribution license and is available here.

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The researchers from FBK and Rhodes University will interview SMMEs that develop software adopting Agile methodologies. The goal of the interviews is to understand the state of the practice in Italy and South Africa to later develop a set of recommendations for SMMEs in emerging markets.

The interviews planned for 2015 have the goal to develop a ground theory and will thus by open ended. The interviewees will be members of SMMEs who adopt Agile practices to develop software. In 2016 we will conduct another series of more structured interviews in which we plan to involve the same interviewees.

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